Naming is a fascinating part of branding, isn’t it?

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“Good names are becoming rare”, I recently read on Saffron’s website. 

They consider taking roots from new ideas, combining two words together or coining totally new names as valuable strategies. I agree. 

To me, before the creative process itself, a good debriefing is critical. Understanding the context, the needs, the ‘dont’s’. Investigating what kind of corporate culture drives decisions, and which preferences could shape the project without compromising its originality and impact. 

Naming brands, businesses, products and/or services to operate internationally requires an extra level of care due to its complexity. Being relevant and sounding appealing to audiences in more than one culture, well, that’s a challenge.  

Our most recent naming project was born between the Netherlands and Austria and is intended to cross European borders soon with a new sound branding agency blending a strong German heritage with Brazilian soul. Quite a mix! 

So, after building the brand strategy, personality, brand voice, a proprietary methodology, and the design, we are proud to present MOOZIK, soft launching at 

What makes you move?


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NAVE is a partnership between Borda Knowledge Beyond Borders and Orbe Brand & Design Innovation.

One trip, two countries, many paths. The NAVE project has the Creative Industries as a territory to generate new points of view, new methods and new intersections. Holland and Recife reinforce their shared cultural heritage and become actors of a new legacy.

To know. To connect. To learn. To teach. To transform. These are the verbs that inspire the project and sign the experience.

How it works
Companies from Recife will do a six-day immersion in Holland during the 2017 edition of the Dutch Design Week, a major design and innovation fair in northern Europe, where themes such as Smart Cities, Big Data, Future of Food, Innovation for Health, Wearable Technologies, Agriculture, Utilities, and Material Studies are at the center of the debate.

DDW logoWhy should you embark?
1. Find inspiration for the challenges of your business.
2. Have a qualified Networking and generate connections.
3. Participate in an Innovation process.
4. Involve your company’s time without process.

• Consul participation in the trip
• Team in the Netherlands and in Brazil to facilitate matchmaking
• Customized Reports and Mentoring

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