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Holanda Conecta

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Organization & Support

  • Nuffic Neso Brazil
  • Honorary Consulate of the Netherlands in Recife
  • Heineken
  • Orbe

Study opportunities and scholarships in the Netherlands
Nuffic Neso Brazil is the foundation of the Dutch Ministry of Education, responsible for the internationalization of knowledge. In the event ‘Holanda Conecta’ Nuffic presented study and scholarship opportunities in the country.

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In 6 September our partner in Brazil, Orbe, joined the event Holanda Conecta: Futuros Possíveis _ Construindo cidades para pessoas (Holland Connects: Possible Futures _ Building cities for people).

The democratization of the internet and smartphones, together with the emergence of several innovations, brings opportunities to change the way we plan public spaces and the way we interact with them. The event will approach the experience of the Netherlands, the main challenges of Recife and how the population can have a better quality of life from these new perspectives of work, products and services.


• Aldreycka Albuquerque – C.E.S.A.R. Institute of Innovation
Design and Innovation

• Ana Roberta Souto – Warehouse of Creativity – Caruaru
Training and entrepreneurship for young professionals: The internalization of the knowledge economy

• Angelo Leite – Serttel
Development of innovative technologies for mobility, comfort and safety of people in urban environments

• Breno Jaruzo – Jump Brasil
What is fundamental and indispensable for the entrepreneurial ecosystem to actually happen in Recife?

• Érico Andrade – UFPE / Urban Rights
The future and the people: popular mobilization as a way of transforming society.

• Luiz Fernando Gomes – Lotebox | Mangrove
Startup Amsterdam, why should we look at this ecosystem?

• Maria Leonor Maia – UFPE / Reset
Transformations in the Urban Order: Sustainable urban mobility, urban planning, accessibility, transport and urban management.

Information about the event
Date: September 6, 2017 (Wednesday)
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Location: Apolo Auditorium, 235 – Porto Digital
Rua do Apolo, 235 – Recife, PE