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The first time we visited Scheveningen, one of the most famous beaches in the Netherlands, we found the experience unusual and intriguing. Being originally from Rio de Janeiro, we were familiar with other elements, foods, objects, sounds, and rituals. It was exciting to observe the whole user experience: how people arrive, how they select a place to relax, the way they leave, what they bring to the beach, what they eat, how they seat or lay down in the sand, how they interact, and how they protect themselves from the sun – well, they didn’t, at least in that cloudy day.

Then, a few months later, I came across this amazing project named Circular Beach, led by Dutch designers Cleo de Brabander and Ellen Sluis. The project received the support from the Stimulerings Fonds and is on R&D phase. It is a journey towards creating a beach where all activities, services, and commerce are closed-loop and regenerative by design”.

I had a great chat over coffee with Cleo in Rio and later met Ellen in Amsterdam to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

Veel succes for CB!